Leather Goods


All our leather goods are handmade in our workshop.  The stitching is marked out and the holes are made using an awl.  We use saddle stitch with a single length of thread. Each stitch is effectively an overhand knot which means that it is strong and will not unravel if a few individual stitches are damaged, in the way that many machine stitched items will.

The leather is Veg Tanned which means it has been treated with vegetable matter such as bark or plant fibres as opposed to chemicals.  This creates leather with the ability to be wet moulded to any shape, and to hold that shape.  For our purpose this is perfect for locking a tool in place or for shaping leather to a required form.  When it dries it holds the shape and hardens up. This method is perfect for making knife sheaths as it gives the ability of holding the knife securely in place without the need for fasteners and straps.

All our products are marked individually with our logo when wet.  They are then left to dry in a warm location for a few days.  Once they are thoroughly dry, but still warm, we apply a coat of Golden Mink Oil which feeds the leather.  We then test the product to make sure the tools fit securely in place.
Each product is made individually by hand with natural materials so slight variations in shade and texture may occur when ordering multiple items.

Our Range of colours

Coyote Brown

Woodland Tan


Conker Brown


Smoky Brown


Charcoal Black



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Leather Goods