Blade: 3.5″
Handle: 4.70″
Price: From £325

The “Trapper”

This knife has been designed for the outdoorsman who has a lot of skinning work to do. With advice from friends who do deer work they suggested a blade that was not too long, so that your index finger can be placed down the spine of the knife to cover the tip when gralloching and also a blade shape that was better for skinning.

We wanted a knife with a slightly wider blade, with a more pronounced belly to the edge to make it easier to remove the hide from the animal with less chance of sticking the tip of the knife through the skin.The “Trapper” was developed for this job.

The Trapper blade has the essential flat “Scandi” grind which gives a great sharp edge but plenty of strength for cutting through joints etc. It has a very comfortable full size handle which is heavily shaped so that a positive grip can be maintained even when your hands are cold or wet.

We make this knife in 3mm and 4mm stock with various sheath styles.

We also make them with a rounded back edge to the blade to improve comfort when covering the tip of the knife.