Nordic Carver


Nordic Carver
Blade: 5.5″ cutting edge
Handle: 14″
Price: From £400

The Nordic Carver axe is the latest product in our range.  This axe has been designed with strong Viking and traditional Scandinavian influences with a modern twist.  We wanted to design a compact craft axe with great cutting ability, a comfortable handle and a good slicing blade shape.  Having used lots of different axes over the years we came up with our own version of a carving axe.  It has a full tang construction with a Micarta handle, both of which give great strength and durability.  This combination gives the overall design great balance in the hand. It was primarily designed as a craft axe but due to the length of the handle and the even weight distribution it also has the ability to be held with two hands for heavy chopping and general work.  The cut away shape of the head allows you to strangle the axe up close for fine work and detailed carving.

The Nordic Carver is made from either 4.6mm, 5.6mm or 7mm unground 01 carbon tool steel for great edge holding ability and ease of sharpening. the different blade thicknesses give a range of weights for the application and user. It comes with a convex symmetrical grind as standard (other grinds available on request). The handle choice for this axe is canvas Micarta which is available in a range of colours. It is cut and fitted onto the axe with epoxy resin and 3 loveless rivets and a thong tube for a secure fit.  It is then shaped by hand giving an ergonomic profile and finally, shot blasted to give it a textured finish which improves the grip even when wet.  It comes sharpened ready for use and is protected with a handmade leather case which is also available in a choice of colours.