Bushcraft Knives

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All of our Bushcraft and Woodcraft Knives are full tang for maximum strength.

All styles of our knife have a Scandinavian style flat grind, which is imperative for a good carving tool. This flat grind adds to the ease of sharpening, gives strength and increases the control of use whilst carving.

All our standard knives are made from 01 tool steel, which is a high carbon hard wearing tool steel that has a good edge holding ability. It is available in either a polished blade or unground finish. Other steels and blade finishes are available including D2, Damascus, Stainless, forged finish and unground 01 tool steel.

We do all our own heat treatment in specialist heat treatment kilns and test each blade after hardening to ensure full hardness is achieved, and then again after tempering to ensure each blade has the Rockwell hardness required.

We test the blades on our own Rockwell hardness tester which has been calibrated to within 0.5 of a Rockwell.

Some of the native woods we use;


Other options that may be available;

  • Antler or Micarta handles
  • Bone, Curly Birch, Box and Birdseye Maple handles
  • Burr woods and Massur Birch
  • Antler bolsters
  • Tapered tangs
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Aluminium fittings
  • Forged finished blade
  • D2 blade
  • Stainless blade
  • Damascus blade
  • Fibre liners
  • Scandi style sheath
  • Matching wooden firesteel
  • Antler firesteel

Our custom knife order book is currently closed but the knives we do make are available through our ‘Knives Available Now’ page, so please check regularly to see if we have anything suitable for you.

We will keep you informed via facebook and Instagram when new knives are added to the page. Alternatively, see us at a show where we will have a selection of knives available (see Latest News page).

All our other products are available to order through our online shop.

woodlander-4 nomad folder woodlander3.gif
Woodlander 4″ The Nomad Woodlander 3″
trekker-kydex-sheath woodlander35.gif woodlander45
The Trekker Woodlander 3.5″ Woodlander 4.5″
woodlander-5 multicam-nordic eban
Woodlander 5″ Nordic Carver Orford Eban Parang
pocket parang trapper3 whittler-knife
Pocket Parang Trapper Whittler
apple-campcraft-with-combo- craftsman2 pixie2
Campcraft Craftsman Pixie